Lift types

Load capacity: 450 kg, 480 kg, 630 kg; 5, 6, 8 persons
Stroke: up to 30 m and up to 10 stations
Speed: 0,63 m/s a 1,0 m/s

Everything for smooth transport

Schindler 3100 is our highly standardized lift which not only has excellent drive parameters but also looks good. It is designed for buildings with low to medium traffic volume – without compromises on design and technology. It is a basic and practical solution which, in addition, provides you with something extra.

Load capacity: 400 kg – 1125 kg, 5 – 15 persons
Stroke: up to 60 m and 20 stations
Speed: 1.0 m/s a 1.6 m/s

Combination of design and functionality

Passenger lift Schindler 3300 combines design and functionality. Its design options adapt to the architecture of the building and, thanks to the technical solution, you can easily design it for your apartment building and small or medium-sized commercial building.

Load capacity: 630 kg – 2500 kg, 8 – 33 persons
Stroke: up to 150 m and 50 stations
Speed: 1,0 m/s do 3,0 m/s

A lift that adapts to you

The Schindler 5500 is a modular passenger lift that brings variability to a new level. It combines performance, flexibility and design in a unique way. These features allow us to adapt the lift to your requirements and dimensions – both in office buildings and in apartment buildings. We offer you a solution that is fully customizable.

Load capacity: 180 – 630 kg, 1- 8 people
Stroke: max. 45 m, max. 19 stations
Speed: 1,0 m/s

New generation

Not enough space? Not in S6200 Next Generation.
In residential or smaller commercial buildings with limited space in the shaft, lift replacement is not an easy task. Schindler 6200 of the new generation offers creative solutions. It is designed to be installed in small or narrow shafts or stairway openings and is capable of operating in small spaces where other lifts cannot be installed.
Developed to adapt. Great flexibility in confined space. Attractive design for small spaces.

Load capacity: 320 kg – 1’125 kg, 3 – 15 persons
Stroke: up to 75 m and 20 stations
Speed: 1.0 m/s a 1.6 m/s

Designed to fit perfectly

Schindler 6300 combines versatility and ease of installation in a building.

Quick installation, comfort and space, attractive design

Thanks to a well-elaborated Schindler 6300 lift replacement concept, you have a truly instant solution that offers exactly what is truly needed for apartment buildings and small commercial buildings: the benefits of standardized components, along with the convenience of a flexible cabin right where you need it – our motto is quick planning. Also, be aware of the cost savings associated with using of standardized components.

Load capacity: 630 kg – 2’500 kg, 8 – 33 persons
Stroke: up to 150 m and 50 stations
Speed: 1.0 m/s – 3.0 m/s

Excellent performance

Schindler 6500 represents state-of-the-art vertical traffic control technology, availability and performance – just when you need it.

A flexible way to create space

High availability and spaciousness of the lift interior – this is what the Schindler 6500 brings to your commercial building.

Performance on the rise

Schindler 6500 utilizes state-of-the-art lift technology and vertical transport control technology and thus surpasses older lift types significantly – thanks to faster, quieter and more comfortable riding.

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